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Access to information, services and support

Our Centre will have resources available to you as you face consider your decisions and options as well as prepare for the future.  We have the big picture of the many sources of support in our community. We'd be glad to check our referral for sources for the service you seek. Contact us if you are pregnant and would like to help to find:


  • Prenatal medical care and assistance (e.g. doctor, nutrition, preparation for breastfeeding, children's classes, etc.)

  • Housing options

  • School alternatives

  • Professional counselling

  • Sexual assault services

  • Adoption agencies

  • Parenting assistance

  • Social services



Quick Access Resources:


  • Adoption Council of Canada: Call 1-888-54-ADOPT.

  • BC Mental Health Support Line: 310-6789

  • HealthLink BC: 8-1-1 is free-of-charge provincial health information and advice phone line available 24-7 in British Columbia. Registered nurses, dieticians, exercise professionals and pharmacists are available at varying times.

  • Alcohol and Substance Use: 1.877.327.4636

  • Option Line: A North American 24-hour helpline regarding help for crisis pregnancies and post-abortion grief. Call 1.800.395.4357

  • Sexual Assault: Victim LINK Call 1.800.563.0808 24 hour helpline

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: 24-hour information line on sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. In BC toll-free 1.800.661.4337

  • Suicide Prevention of BC - Confidential, 24-hour crisis intervention and suicide prevention line: Toll-free 1.800.SUICIDE

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